In the event of an Industrial Accident

In the event of an industrial accident, the protection of human life is the number one priority, accompanied by the mitigation of impacts of the accident on the environment and surrounding property. Turning your emergency plans into a step-by-step procedure and activating automated notifications minimizes response time and supports better emergency action.

Having to respond to an emergency can be very stressful and even the calmest employee may feel challenged. The NYMA platform has an easy to use interface to provide them with clear steps.

Environmental laws and regulations describe a strict set of criminal and civil liabilities for the corporation and the authorized officers, which can be limited or eliminated if properaction is taken to contain the impact of the accident. NYMA’s detailed action logging offers solid evidence that the corporation and the authorized officers did everything needed to prevent and later on to control the accident.

In the event of pollution accidents, each corporation has an upper limit for insurance coverage. If the cost of the pollution is higher tyhan the upper limit, then the corporation have to cover the rest of the expenses. Faster response based on NYMA’s smart notifications and workflow emergency plans, limits the cost.

After an accident, submitting a complete accident folder to the insurance company is crucial for the compensation process. NYMA’s full reporting and detailed logging helps reduce the bureaucratic process and ensures that every necessary element is recorded and submitted.

In the Risk Management

Emergency training exercises are essential steps in the risk management. NYMA is an ideal supporting tool for easily running successful emergency training exercises.

Better preparing for an emergency helps mitigate the risk posed to human lives, the environment and the surrounding properties.

Acquiring certain insurance coverage for environmental liability is crucial. The proven use of a specialized software tool like NYMA facilitates this achievement

In Daily Activities

Reduce the work-effort needed to create, track and manage processes. Each corporation has a set of processes that cover its daily operation. These can be complicated. Using NYMA’s workflow editor, designing and managing the procedures becomes more efficient and helps identify bottlenecks as well as minimizes the work-effort needed.

Regulatory requirements drive the need for consistency in daily business processes. NYMA’s full reporting and detailed logging provides better alignment with  regulatory frameworks and policies.

NYMA’s user environment enables non-technical business users to create complicated processes simply. That makes NYMA  valuable for every business collaborator in  daily tasks.

Plans-on-paper is an issue in running daily operations. The NYMA  platform is a simpler way to manage connections between people and tasks in order to guide assignment of activities.

The NYMA’S benefits